CHOBANI MASTERBRANDDesign and Art Direction, Illustration

ADC Awards: 2x Silvers (2018), Bronze (2018); Cannes Lions: Bronze (2018); Clios: Bronze (2018); D&AD: Best of Show 2018), Silver (2019), Merit (2018); One Show: 3x Gold (2018), Merit (2018).

Photography by Grant Cornett and Jake Stangel
In just 10 years, Chobani had grown from the vision of a Turkish immigrant into America’s favorite yogurt brand. We took Chobani from dairy brand to wellness brand, using the creative concept “Fighting for Happily Ever After” as our guiding star. Our Masterbrand was inspired by the simplicity and warmth of folk art, evoking a sense of craftstmanship, care and approachability.
Hand-drawn shapes serve as the building blocks through which we created narratives and windows into the Chobani world. Rooted in the natural beauty of Munzur Valley, Magic Valley, and Hudson Valley, they draw inspiration from the diverse flora and fauna from these landscapes. Our hyperreal photography brought out the intensity, saturation and beauty of our products, ingredients, and food.

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© Gabrielle Lamontagne